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Earthsong - Yvonne Ugarte

For millions of years since the world first begun

I've shielded your Earth from the rays of the sun

But thoughtless effusion of diesel and smoke

Leaves your planet engulfed in a cancerous cloak

I have no defence from released CFC

The OZONE am I.. don't you care about me?

You've hunted me ceaselessly through countless years

For fortune and pleasure

With harpoons and spears

A gentle colossus - what song can I sing

If silenced forever by the horror you bring?

How toxic the waste you pump into my sea?

I'm only a WHALE - don't you care about me?

My ancestors lived in the dinosaur age

You view me as clumsy, in permanent rage

My horn is now prized as a positive cure

For your impotent men - is it worth my life for?

I've nowhere to run to

I'm no longer free

A RHINO am I - don't you care about me?

I've peopled your meadows, your mountainous plains

Created new cultures,

Brought life-giving rains

I'm only the EARTH, but by your foolish greed

You deny me a future

Oh, people, take heed!

For I weep for creation

And how it should be

If your race does not care then it's too late for me..

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